2 pieces overhead cranes delivered 2008 to Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH in Siegen
overhead crane 25 t x 23 m span

2 pieces scrap yard crane 25 t x 23 m span with a structure similar to a portal crane in order to achieve a maximum lifting height.

Compared to the old cranes, the trolley drive and the lifting speed had been increased by 30 % and capacity increased from 5 to up to 25 to. The heightening of named technical parameters was required to maximise the handling performance.

overhead crane delivered 2002 to Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH
overhead crane 32 t x 30 m span

Fully automatic coil transport crane 32 t x 30 m span with rope-braced magnet traverse and warehouse management system.

The coils on the trailer were scanned with lasers and fully automatic stored on 2 levels. The warehouse management system allows a variety of parameterications and is adoptable to customized requirements.

overhead crane for a steel mill in Sweden, delivered 2001
overhead crane 50 t x 27.4 m span

A fully atomatic slab warehouse crane, which not only transports steel plates and desposits them to the exact millimetre, but also manages them "intelligently".