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An underground automatic parking system

with highest parking bay density stands in the city centre of Zurich,

  • is in operation since 2007,
  • is in the basement of an office building,
  • serves for car parking of employees, customers and tenants of neighbouring apartments.
  • On a surface area of 15 m x 18 m and a depth of 5,1 m have been created

13 parking bays for a vehicle height of max. 1.60 m and

  9 parking bays for a vehicle height of max. 2.00 m.

  • The entry into the hand-over room.
  • The registration is made with a parking card at the terminal.
  • When the user has confirmed the parking procedure, the automatic system takes over.
  • The hand-over room is equipped with a turning and lowering device.
  • The hand-over area can also be used as way through to the inner courtyard.
  • The car is turned in the entry terminal by 90 degrees, lowered to the parking area and transported to the parking bay.
  • Additional driving shelves facilitate highest parking bay density.
  • The parking area has two parking floors with different parking bay heights.
  • A second terminal is available in the building for the exit after parking.
  • A lowering pallet transports the requested car from the parking area to the hand-over room.
  • In the hand-over area the car is turned by 90 degrees and made available for the exit in forward drive position.
  • When the user has left the exit with his car, the gate closes automatically.

free architectural design

Views during the use of the parking system