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SHB couplings are elastic bolt couplings equipped with brake drums or brake discs. By their design, there are positive, torsionally elastic, flexible shaft couplings. The torque transmission between the coupling halves via bolts with attached elastic elements (buffers). The clutch is puncture proof.

The individual parts are made of steel or cast steel. Depending on the operating conditions and ambient temperatures, various materials are available for the buffers.

Sectional view of a coupling


  • Simple and robust construction
  • The couplings are puncture proof
  • Changing the elastic elements (buffer) and the brake disc without moving the motor or gear possible
  • Any installation position and direction of rotation of the coupling


  • Elastic pin coupling with brake drum, types A, B, C and D
  • All drum diameters comply with DIN 15431 and TGL 38558, nominal torques between 160 Nm and 100,000 Nm
  • Elastic pin coupling with brake disc, EBK
  • Disc diameter from 315 mm to 1,250 mm. Nominal torques between 400 Nm and 25,000 Nm
  • Dimensions of the clutch matched to disc brakes of the RST series
  • Power plant equipment
  • lifts / elevators