comply with DIN 15435

Dynamic and innovative …

SHB drum brakes comply with DIN 15435, are actuated by a cylindrical helical compression spring and opened with variable ventilation mechanisms.

The brakes of the standard series are intended for standing installation as well as laterally arranged air handling units located on the SL series above the brake drum.

The basic version uses Elhy® electrohydraulic lifting devices, but all commercially available devices can be used. The brakes work, unless otherwise required, according to the “fail-save” principle, that means if the primary energy fails, the brake is closed.


  • Brake drum diameter
    160 mm to 800 mm
  • braking torques
    up to a maximum of 30,000 Nm
  • Sliding speed
    up to 40 m / s


Hand release via eccentric, latching or non-latching in open position in left or right-hand version, also for series SL

Covers made of aluminum or stainless steel – also for offshore use, in left or right version


Deviating from the drum brakes mentioned above, special designs are available on request.

In addition, we develop customized or market-specific special solutions for a wide range of applications in which the type of actuation, working method or installation situation deviate from the standard series.

Series …

Drum brakes (or double-jaw brakes) according to TGL 38302 will continue to be manufactured in series A, A1, A2 and B in nominal sizes from 250 mm to 800 mm brake drum diameter.

The nominal sizes 160 and 200 are produced only on request. As a replacement, the STB series is available.

Brake shoes according to TGL 38304 and brake pads according to TGL 38305 are available in the coating qualities COSID 131, COSID 110 and COSID 190 over the entire range from 160 mm to 800 mm, mostly in stock.

The STB and STBC series represent a further development of the drum brake according to TGL 38302. The main connection dimensions of the TGL are complied with so that interchangeability is guaranteed. We use the brake shoes of the TGL 38304 in this brake. A significant advantage is that a change to the STB series can be carried out without replacing the existing clutch or brake drum and without rebuilding the substructures. It eliminates the most necessary offset of the engine. These modifications are required when converting to standardized brakes according to the DIN 15435.



  • Brake torque independent of direction of rotation, higher than comparable size in versions A, A1, A2 and B
  • adjustable braking torque, spring in closed spring tube
  • Automatic wear adjustment AVN
  • Bolts in stainless steel, low-maintenance joints through bushes made of special brass
  • Standard parts and other blank parts are galvanized