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SHB crane wheels are available in different versions, either as complete wheelsets or as single wheel bodies.

Wheels with split corner bearing according to our company standard SHN 3302/02 are equipped with modified impeller bodies based on DIN 15093. The corner bearing dimensions correspond to the TGL 34968 and ensure the interchangeability when regenerating old cranes.

The shaft ends of version D (drivetrain) are manufactured for slip-on gearboxes of all manufacturers on order, both for clamping sets, keyway or with splined teeth according to DIN 5480.

Impellers with roller bearings (basket bearings) according to DIN 15090 supplement the product range as well as impellers according to DIN 15093 and TGL 34968. Further technical informations can be found in our data sheets.


  • Cranes
  • Equipment of the metallurgical industry
  • Conveyors for bulk cargo handling


  • Wheelsets with split corner bearing to SHN 3302/02
  • Wheelsets with roller bearings according to DIN 15090
  • Impeller body according to DIN 15093
  • Impeller body according to TGL 34968


  • Impeller diameter 315 – 800 mm in wide version
  • Permissible wheel pressures on request